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Misc Products Details:Modular Walls

Modular Walls

Modular walls are an economical, flexible alternative to permanent walls. Movable wall systems are designed to meet your unique specifications and allow you to react quickly as your office changes.


Excellent value and return on investment
Cost much less over time in comparison to the cost of installing and moving traditional drywall. Modular walls can be reused and reconfigured to meet the changing needs of your facility. Your return on investment will increase over the years of using these movable interior walls.

Quick and easy to install and reconfigure
Prefabricated wall systems are shipped ready to install, involve fewer trades, and eliminate the mess and expense of drywall construction. Your office renovation projects will go faster and get your office up and running again quickly, saving you time and money.

Install without building permits
The movable walls are not considered part of the facility, but are treated as furniture. This means that you can install and move them without going through a lengthy permit process.
The patented Roly® Safeti-Gate significantly reduces the potential for falls and other accidents associated with mezzanine loading areas. Conventional mezzanine gates and safety devices, such as swing gates or chains, share a common deficiency - they leave the mezzanine unprotected when material is delivered to, or removed from, the ledge.

The Roly® Safeti-Gate is permanently anchored at the ledge, eliminating swing gates or chains. The mezzanine safety gate forms an enclosed workflow station that offers true safety when loading, off-loading, or working on a pallet in place.
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