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High Perfomance Doors

High performance doors improve the flow of motorized and pedestrian traffic, help control temperatures, and substantially lower energy costs. Every door is custom built to handle the challenges of opening and closing hundreds of times a day. In fact, many doors have over five million cycles and they're still performing, day after day, year after year, cycle after cycle.

Each door addresses a specific operational and environmental challenge, and is engineered for maximum safety, productivity, and efficiency.

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Increase Productivity
Fast opening and closing speeds increase productivity since cars, fork trucks, pallet jacks and pedestrians don't waste time waiting for the doors to open.

Control Environment and Lower Energy Costs
The fast opening and closing speeds minimize the air exchange between areas. Less air infiltration leads to lower heating and cooling costs, which directly impacts the bottom line.

Lower Maintenance
High performance doors are engineered for high-traffic environments-critical for 24/7 operations. They require minimal maintenance, minimizing the down time associated with conventional doors.

Can Take a Hit
Self-repairing or Break-Away" models are durable and built for high-cycle environments. In fact, most fabric roll doors are engineered to withstand the impact of a forklift or car and can be repaired without tools in seconds.

Enhance Security
Fast opening and closing speeds help control access and enhance security between areas.

A State-of-the-art Controller, System 3®, provides smooth starts and stops and easy, flexible programming.
Rytec Corporation is the nation's leading manufacturer of high-performance doors for industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical and cold storage environments. Whether they're rolling, folding, sliding or swinging doors, high-performance doors are our only business
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