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Industrial Dock Doors increase the efficiency and security of your operations with the right door. Fairborn Northeast helps you determine the right door for the job and recommends the door type based on aesthetics, energy requirements, security and noise appropriate to the facility.
High performance doors
improve the flow of motorized and pedestrian traffic, help control temperatures, and substantially lower energy costs.

Pharmaceutical Doors
are engineered specifically for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and research facilities--where quick access, environmental control and reliability are critical.

Rolling Steel Doors
fit in tight spaces not appropriate for sectional doors because of minimal backroom, headroom and side room requirements.

Sectional Doors
when energy efficiency is a priority, where window space is desired for light or visibility, or simply for aesthetic reasons.

Fire Rated Doors
designed to close automatically in the event of a fire or alarmed event, fire-rated doors are available for commercial, industrial, institutional and retail applications.

Impact Doors
opens easily in both directions with a hand push or when impacted by a hand truck, pallet jack or even fork lift and then automatically returns to its closed position after you have passed through the opening.

Strip Doors
ideal for reducing hot and cold weather from entering a facility, withstand heavy industrial fork truck traffic and allow for easy passage of personnel, carts and machinery, while controlling insects, birds, dust and debris.
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