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Founded as the premier manufacturer of unitized hydraulically operated loading dock equipment, Poweramp leads the way with cost effective designs that provide added value for its customers.

Because this restraint operates without a gap, trailer creep is effectively eliminated. For added safety, the Powerhook when equipped with the leveler interlock option, will not permit leveler operation until the hook is safely engaged.
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Vehicle Restraints


Vehicle restraints fasten onto trailers to prevent separation at the dock during loading and unloading causing serious accidents and injury. The medical care and product, equipment and property damage costs combined with lost productivity affect your bottom line.

Without a restraint, the forklift and driver can fall into the gap between the trailer and dock leading to serious damage and injury. This opening can also form gradually from the force of the fork moving in and out of the trailer. This back and forth movement gradually causes the connection between the leveler and trailer bed to open resulting in a critical and dangerous gap. Lastly, drivers can pull away in error before loading is complete causing potential danger to forks and pedestrian in the trailer and on the dock.


Increased Safety
Employees can safely load and unload trailers. Restraints also prevent truck drivers from leaving the dock before loading is complete.

Protects Product
Restraints reduce the potential for product damage by ensuring safe loading and unloading on the trailer.

Minimizes Risk of Property Damage
An accident at the dock can lead to costly repairs.
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