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Founded as the premier manufacturer of unitized hydraulically operated loading dock equipment, Poweramp leads the way with cost effective designs that provide added value for its customers.

We offer several products designed to prevent forklift roll-off and overhead door damage and protect loading dock employees from dangers of the drop-zone when the door is open and no truck is present.
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Dock Levelers

There are thousands of fork truck accidents at the loading dock every year. Dock levelers reduce these mishaps by providing a safe environment for employees and improving workflow at the dock. Designed to connect the loading dock floor surface and the surface of the truck load bed, dock levelers are a variable grade ramp platform. They support heavy loads and accommodate a wide range of load-bed heights and unevenly distributed loads.

There are now three basic types of dock levelers: hydraulic, mechanical, and power assisted mechanical units. Each design has its place, depending on the application, but there are distinct differences between each type.
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AP Series
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LHP Series
XL Series
Barrier Lip Series
Dock levelers reduce fork truck accidents at the dock by providing a smooth transition from the dock floor to the truck floor.
Dock levelers allow for safe and efficient loading and unloading of goods to and from a truck using forklifts or pallet trucks.
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